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A static caravan offers a variety of uses. It is perfect as a weekend holiday home or as extra office, workforce or storage accommodation. They are also a practical option for short-term accommodate whilst a new home is being built or refurbished. But, at some point a static caravan may complete its intended use and no longer be required. Because the process of selling the static caravan can be quite daunting, it benefits to carefully research the regulations and restrictions involved.

Here are several issues to consider in the process of selling the static caravan:

Market value of the caravan

An effective step to determine the potential price is to look at similar styled caravans for sale in the local area. Research the prices for caravans in the local parks nearby to get a better appreciation of the price. Avoid just using your base park to gauge the price of the caravan. A sales staff at the park can give a formal valuation based on the type, age and condition of the caravan. A park has running costs, overheads and sales staff to consider and this can affect the price quoted. A professional static caravan trader is another option to offer a price on a caravan. Calculate the amount of commission payable for the different options to see which one can give the most attractive deal.

Sell the caravan with the pitch

If a caravan is based in a caravan or holiday park, it is important to inspect the license agreement to decide the possible selling options. Most of the established caravan parks permit the transfer of the caravan on site provided it has been maintained to a high standard.

Market the caravan for a fast deal

If you wish to let the caravan go as fast as possible to avoid covering the cost of monthly rental and maintenance fees, you will find most parks are willing to put in an offer for the caravan based on the trade price. A holiday park isn’t obliged to buy back a caravan, so it is necessary to check with the particular site to see what their policy is. It often benefits to avoid getting involved with the quick sale option since the price quoted might not be the most attractive. Try to look at the alternative options like private deals and specialized static caravan traders. Take the time to research the options to see if there is much difference in the amount of money left after deducting the commission or similar fees.