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Different Options for Selling a Static Caravan

Selling a static caravan can be quite daunting. There are a variety of different things to consider in the process of selling a holiday home. This may range from placing an advert online or in a relevant trade magazine to collecting the money, transporting the caravan, and legal aspects. Here are some of the options to sell a static caravan:

Use a professional caravan trader

If you believe the price offered by the holiday park for a static caravan is well below market value, you may find getting into contact with a caravan trader is the next best course of action. A static caravan trader can offer a valuation that is better than what you can expect to receive from the holiday park. It helps to get in contact with at least two or three companies to make sure you are in a better place to get a fair price.

Using a caravan trader can offer a lot of conveniences and take away a lot of the stress related to selling the holiday home. A trader can take on a variety of responsibilities to make sure the transaction goes as smooth as possible. They are able to get all relevant paperwork ready, work with the holiday park where necessary, and take care of transporting the caravan off site and moving it to its new home.

Selling a static caravan privately

Many people prefer to take on the responsibility of selling the static caravan and trade directly with the public. A private transaction can give many advantages over the alternative options, but it does mean a lot more time and effort is needed to ensure a successful sale. Also, it may be possible to get a higher offer price for the caravan in a private transaction, but it is than necessary to consider the extra costs that might be relevant. It is worth investigating the fees, regulations and restrictions a holiday park has in place for a private transaction that takes place on their grounds. Extra costs can relate to holiday park fees and transportation.

Extra costs of selling the static caravan

When it comes to selling the holiday home it is important to consider any extra charges or fees that may be applicable. For instance, a park contract may include certain commission charges due to lost plot fees if a caravan is sold to a third-party and not the holiday park. Also, if the caravan is subject to finance, it is often necessary to repay the full amount due shortly after completing the transaction with the new owner.