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The United States of America is a physically large nation. In fact, at 3,800,000 square miles, it ranks as the fourth largest country in the world. Connecting these vast expanses is a network of roads and interstates that is more than 4,000,000 miles in total length. In short, not only is the U.S. an enormous nation, but it is also a nation built to be traveled by the automobile. The vehicle that perfectly embodies this is the recreational vehicle, or RV for short.

The first motor home was built in the 1910s, and by the 1920s such vehicles had become widespread. Today hundreds of thousands are sold every year. An RV can vary in size from a converted minivan all the way up to luxury land yachts that stretch longer than 40 feet. Some campers are bare bones, with a cot being the only amenity. Others have full kitchens, bathrooms, king sized beds, and expanding walls. So no matter what level of comfort you are used to, you can find a motor home that will fit your style. Here are three reasons that you should want one.

Affordable Travel

The two biggest expenses that most people incur when they travel are flight and hotel costs. When you are driving an RV, you don’t have to worry about either of these. Instead, you pay for gas, and the occasional cost of a motor home parking spot. Furthermore, since most of these vehicles are equipped with a kitchen of some sort, you do not have to eat at restaurants for every meal. If you have a family, you can simply multiply the savings.

Explore Nature In Comfort

In the United States, there are over 6,600 state and national parks open to the public. While a few of these might have a hotel nearby, the vast majority of them do not. What they do have are fully equipped spaces for motor homes. This means that for $20-$40 a night, you can camp in comfort in some of the most beautiful natural areas in the entire country. It is entirely possible to drive across the entire country and only stay in national and state parks.

Bring Your Family Closer Together

Studies have shown that families that vacation using an RV report a higher level of happiness and satisfaction than those who travel by car or plane. People cited the relaxing nature of motor home travel, as opposed to the stress and discomfort that long flights and car rides produce. Furthermore, in recreational vehicles, families are able to interact using a wider range of mediums. Card games, storytelling, and even activities such as charades are facilitated by the size of a camper.

In conclusion, an RV is a wonderful choice for anyone who likes to travel in comfort.