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Some RVs give out a persistent, nagging stink even after the most cathartic cleanse. Perhaps this is the time to move beyond those fancy room fresheners and go for a reality check. This is doubly more important now as you are planning to sell your RV for cash. Remember, removing foul odor is a big part of getting your rig show-ready. And to do that you might start with the part which most of us do not even like to talk about – yes, the RV’s black water holding tank. Well, you have to forget your general apathy, and delve deeper to take the root cause by the horns.

Causes of Stinky Black Water Holding Tank

This all-important unit of your rig tends to give out unpleasant smell, if not cleaned properly. Here are a few common instances when the tank gets dirty and stinky:

  • Toilet wastes have got encrusted to the tank walls so stubbornly that they simply refuse to come loose when you dump your black water holding tank.
  • The liquid in the tank helps to loosen solid wastes. But, if you remove them before time, when the tank is less than two-thirds full, the there may not be sufficient liquid. This will make the waste cling to the tank walls, causing bad odor.
  • Sometimes kids are not toilet trained, and they tend to use the toilet without adding water to the toilet bowl.
  • Often tanks get clogged due to the use of non-biodegradable toilet papers.

The Remedies

Now that you know what causes the stink, it will be possible for you to address them.

  • Train your kids to use the toilet in the proper way. Clogging results in foul smell and that’s why it is important to prevent the pipes from getting clogged. Add enough liquid to the waste prior to dumping the tank, and this will keep the openings clear.
  • Refrain from using the wrong kinds of toilet papers. To test whether a toilet paper is biodegradable or not, soak it into a glass of water. Wait for some time and then stir it up. If the paper degenerates quickly, it means that the product is safe for RV use. If not, don’t use the brand again.
  • Stink is often the result of leakage of dirty water. If you locate any crack in the tank, replace the valves by a professional plumber.
  • Smelly black water tanks may often be the result of improper use of tank-treatment chemicals. Use the amount of chemicals according to the size of your tank. Add at least one gallon water to help the solid wastes get dissolved. Refrain from using excessive amount of chemicals, as that may cause foaming, thus further clogging the tank.

There are a few core steps that you must take to sell your RV for cash, and cleaning is the most crucial among them. You can expect to get a good price for your old rig only when it looks good, and smells right too. A clean black water holding tank is the prerequisite for a stink-free interior. Follow our tips, and address this unpleasant, but extremely important aspect of cleaning.