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Owning a bike is actually not that easy especially if you do not know proper bike maintenance. The general consensus among other motorcycle owners who are active on online forums is: Yes, you need to invest in an oil cooler system. Those who may not totally agree on this matter say that you will need to consider a few factors first. These factors include engine build, where you typically ride, your riding style, and the type of engine oil that you use.

Overall, most bike owners agree that if you want to avoid the hefty cost of quality replacement parts and if you want to protect your bike from overheating and extend its engine’s lifespan, an oil cooler system is a sound investment. This is why many bike owners really have to know proper maintenance and which parts to buy in order to keep their bikes of optimum condition.

Experts say that you will need to have a fair idea of the important function of engine oils on the engine. In order to function optimally, engine oil needs to pass and flow through small holes at very low temperatures. At the same time, oil should be able to resist thermal breakdown even when exposed to high temperatures.

On top of that, oil needs to be able to lubricate high stress points in the engine, including the piston rings, valve stems and skirts, without facilitating roller sliding and hydroplaning. Now, when the engine becomes too hot, the oil begins to deteriorate and thermal breakdown occurs. During thermal breakdown, the chemicals which have been added to the oil begin to break down. The right oil cooler for bikes can prevent these issues. And so, you need to choose the right one to ensure your bike’s top performance.

Most motorcycle owners recommend getting fan-assisted oil coolers which are housed in sleek chrome housing. You’ll get a vital accessory which can keep your bike’s engine cool while the chrome housing can even enhance the appearance of your bike. This type of oil cooler works by using a heat exchanger which is positioned behind the fans. The oil flows optimally through the fins even if the fans are not activated. Now, when the oil temperature reaches 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the fans will be activated and will keep on blowing until the oil’s temperature cools down to 190 degrees.

Reading instructions can greatly help in the success of the installation. Most oil cooler installation instructions are relatively simple and straightforward and you can install the accessory by yourself in just a few minutes. So now, there is basically no reason for you not to invest in an air cooler for your bike.