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Transportation and Being Environmentally Friendly – Where Is This Development Going?

In today`s easy ways of transportation, consumers have an enormous amount of choices when it comes to vehicles. The focus has shifted from just getting from point A to point B to a more environmental mindset to help preserve the world. This mindset has narrowed the choices to mostly bus and train transit. For the people driving themselves, the choices are around electric cars, but some drivers need more power and choose something in the middle; the hybrid that can also be plugged in. This is what this article is all about; the differences in cars and what people need in cars and transportation these days when being environmental friendly is supposed to occupy human brains. Some might say this new trend of cars might go away as some people swear to traditional gasoline driven cars, but societies globally are trying out new ways to shift mindsets in a greener direction.

So what is the difference between an EV (electric vehicle) and a hybrid? The difference is fuel. Electric cars do not need any fuel to run. Neither does hybrids, but with hybrids the driver has the option to run longer, as a fuel tank gets to take over when the juice in the batteries dies. Thus many people see hybrids as more beneficial; these cars can travel longer than EVs can before a new charge. However, EVs are logically much friendlier to the environment, as these cars are solely driven on electricity, which also makes them cheaper to operate.

What kind of car one might choose depends on usage. People with long commutes tend to stay with traditional cars or hybrids, whilst EVs are excellent for short distances and city driving. The most developed EV model these days is Tesla`s Model S which can go 240-286 miles between charges. But even that model cannot measure up against a hybrid which has the capacity of going 30-40 miles on pure electricity and then 200-300 miles on fuel.

So what is the wiser choice in a society where the pressure around environment and thinking green is higher than ever? The best choice is a gradual transition. If one own a fuel-based car and need to drive long distances, get a hybrid. The choices in models might still be lean but this will change with demand. If one already owns a hybrid but is in the need of a new car, consider every usage aspect carefully and then make an informed decision. Suddenly, an EV might be the right choice.

Some people will never care about a greener world unless it is cost effective. Hybrids and EVs most often do have reasonable prices and are cheaper to operate. And while gasoline prices keep going up, so does the demand for other types of cars. The more types, the more range in everything, including price. Plus, electricity is cheaper than gas, and EVs bypass some expenditure, e.g. toll. The annual fee for EVs is also lower than traditional cars because of the non-existent CO2 emissions.

Products and services turning in a more environmental friendly direction usually will have benefits, not only for the consumers buying them but for the companies producing them as well. Every green innovation is a step to make the Earth a better place. Humanity will never give up inventing new things, but the shift in how it is being done can make a remarkable difference.

Hybrids and EVs are just the beginning of inventing a greener transportation world. This evolving trend might have gone slow but the changes are visible on the road. City buses are turning hybrid and taxi companies are investing in electric cars for a bigger environmental friendly profile. This shift in business affects people. Car drivers might start thinking about substituting their gas driven car for something new and fresh that does not contribute to severe carbon dioxide emissions, and the ones using public transportation will see a positive change when both themselves and the transportation companies try to stay as green as possible.

In conclusion, the point of this article was not to force people to go green. Neither was it a comparison of cars and transportation means. However, it was a commentary on today`s eco-friendly development in cars which affect a large part of the world. Since the development is still young, the planet might see a huge reduction in CO2 emissions in the near future, as well as a whole new market that will bring excitement to buyers everywhere. All the while, passengers in buses and taxis will feel good about a positive change in what they and the companies driving them are doing. It is a collective responsibility driving people together and it is exciting.