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A Car That Makes You Proud

The electric bike has the ability to provide a fun riding experience while helping to keep you fit, and is very quiet and relatively cheap to run. Plus, they are also appreciated for the ability to make the process of riding up a steep hill much easier and won’t leave you feeling hot and bothered while riding to work. But, this type of bike does have a few minor drawbacks, with one of the common issues relating to the initial purchase price.

Let’s look at several of the main pros and cons related to this form of transport:


Low-cost transportation

The electric bike when compared to most other types of transportation is relatively cheap to run on a day-to-day basis. It is not necessary to cover the cost of any special type of registration or license, and you don’t have to worry about parking costs. The process of recharging the battery is still a lot less than a tank of gas or using public transport.

Improve the all-round health

Riding to work on an electric bike has the ability to provide enough physical activity to make an improvement to the all-round health. Even though there is the lithium battery in place, the actual riding of the bike is still able to benefit the heart, lungs and leg muscles, as well as making it possible to enjoy the fresh air.

Travel longer distances

Using the electric bike makes it possible to ride for the longer distance without getting too tired or stressing the leg muscles. For instance, the time and effort needed to cover 10 miles on a regular bike would amount to nearly twice that distance when using the bike with an electric motor in place.

Easy to tackle obstacles

The electric bike has the extra power to make riding through headwinds or up steep hills that much easier. This means that you can have a riding experience that is a lot more convenient and stress free, and minimizes the possibility of burning yourself out.


Initial upfront investment

A common issue for the potential electric bike owner is the initial cost to invest in this piece of equipment. The latest models on the market can cost in the region of $1000-$10,000. However, once the electric bike has been purchased, the ongoing costs are quite comparable to the regular road bicycles.

Much heavier than conventional bikes

Even though the technologies and components used for the electric bike continue to see improvements, the bike is still significantly heavier than the more traditional options. This is likely to cause problems should it be necessary to push the bike after the battery dies or when attempting to transport the bike.