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How to Conquer the Labor Day Car Sales

A lot of people see Labor Day as the last celebration of the summer and have family barbecues, pool parties, beach days, and more. However, some get most excited about all of the deals going on!

Sales are all over the place, including car dealerships. People really enjoy taking advantage of the massive car savings which is evidenced by the huge crowds in the lots and show rooms. this means that if you plan on buying a car at that time, you must be prepared.

Here are a few tips on how to handle those Labor Day car sales.

Start Early

Do your research and narrow down your list ahead of time. Search for the key components you are looking for such as price, make, model, safety features, predicted auto insurance cost, etc. Fortunately, some dealers even have some sales prior to Labor Day, so let that motivate you to get an early start on things.


Need a loan? Get it approved ahead of time. You do not want to go through a whole day of car buying and get denied on the loan. Experts recommend getting approved ahead of time especially if you do not have the greatest credit or if you plan on going through the dealer who usually has the best interest rates.

Spread It Out

The car buying process can seem overwhelming, especially if you feel like you have to do it all at once. As previously mentioned, you should do your research before even setting foot in the dealer. But, you should also test drive your prospective cars ahead of time as well. So, when it comes time to purchase you will be certain which car you would like and adequately prepared to negotiate prices.

Early or Late

When it comes time to buying a car, you probably do not want to go at the busiest times. Try to aim for going early in the morning or late at night. Some dealers even extend their hours.

Take Another Look at the Sticker

Sounds kind of ridiculous, but make sure the car at the dealer is the same one that you were looking at the day before or online. It is extremely easy to mistake different models of cars, so take another look at the sticker to be sure it is really the same one with all of the same features you desire.

Have Your Paperwork

Double check to make sure you have all of the documents you need including documents of your current car for a trade in, your license, registration, payment method, etc. Again, you do not want to go through the whole tedious process only to find out that you cannot go through with the purchase.

Be Patient

Most experienced car buyers know that it takes a pretty good chunk of time to go home with a car. On days such as Labor Day the waiting can be amplified quite a bit, so be prepared to wait and be patient.