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We all remember the day we brought our shiny new RZR home and will certainly never forget our first full day ride, but it’s never long before we realize that the compact size that makes it such an amazing performance machine makes it a lousy cargo carrier. Fortunately, the aftermarket is never far behind to fill your UTV’s every need.

There are a few different locations that are best suited to store your cargo. The bed is obviously at the top of that list, unfortunately it is not well-suited to hold much for very long. We find that coolers and gas cans are the most tricky large cargo to store. There are a few options specifically designed to hold them in the bed that we have found incredibly effective.

Trail Armor’s RZR Cargo Rack features lock and go fasteners and an expandable bungie net. The inside rack dimensions are 19″x20″11″ in a trapezoid shape. The slotted 2″ rail offers multiple tie down points and cargo retention and covers the entire box perimeter.

The RZR cooler mount by Lonestar is a chromoly mount made from 1″ tubing, using the RZR’s lock holes to secure it to the RZR’s bed. It includes 4 billet locks to be tightened with an allen wrench to lock the mount to the bed.

Not every item is going to fit on a cooler sized rack, and sometimes you can maximize the bed’s space creatively. The RZR Bed cover is one of our favorite solutions for storing stuff in our vehicle’s bed. It is essentially a giant plastic tub with a lid to cover your gear that you need to keep dry. Once the lid is closed, raised lips around the perimeter of the cover and built-in tie down loops help hold coolers and gas cans in place. It’s a simple way to double your storage space!

If you don’t want to mount your bulky gear on top of the bed cover, there are still other options. EMP offers a rear cargo rack made of 1/8″ thick brushed aluminum. The top edges are hemmed over to add strength and a smooth edge, and the entire basket is laser cut and CNC formed. They mount to the vehicle cage using four quick connect clamps so they can be removed easily at a moment’s notice.

If you like to use your bed for other things, there a few other simple locations that riders have found useful. There are roof baskets ranging from $200-700, some designed specifically for the RZR and others that will fit any UTV model. Most are made of aluminum or steel and feature some type of railing to help contain the basket’s contents. However, if protection from the elements is a priority, this is probably is not an option, as we are not aware of any enclosed storage units that are built to be mounted to the roof.

There are at least a dozen variations of storage bags for the RZR, many custom-shaped to fit in the smallest nooks of the vehicle. There is one last place that we’ve found useful to store cargo, and it’s probably the last place you’d think-the hood. There are a few tube stylehood racks on the market for UTVs, but we prefer Kolpin’s hard plastic hood rack. It’s only a few inches deep for obvious visibility reasons, but it can be locked and sealed, so it’s great for small gear that needs to stay dry.